Why you should eat a big breakfast

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We’ve all heard the saying “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. And here’s the news – it’s actually true.

Eating properly at breakfast time will help you LOSE weight and stay healthy.

The myth about skipping breakfast

Breakfast literally means breaking the fast that your body has been on through the night. Whilst you’re sleeping and your body is fasting, your metabolism slows down dramatically. As this happens, all your body functions slow down too, including digestion. Thus, your body is more likely to store calories from last night’s dinner into fat cells during this period.

If you wake up and skip breakfast, then your metabolism doesn’t kick into gear and your body is forced to cling on to the energy from your dinner to keep it going. And where does it store it? Just around your waistline, of course.

However, if you wake up and tuck into a good healthy breakfast, then your body gets straight back to doing what it does naturally – burning calories and your stored fat.

So, if anyone tells you that skipping breakfast is a great way to lose weight, they’re totally wrong. In fact, they’re probably doing a lot more harm than good.

Three key ingredients for a healthy breakfast

If you get the mixture of ingredients right for your breakfast, then you’ll stay fuller for longer and you won’t find yourself tempted by a mid-morning doughnut and the hundreds of useless calories within it.

Choose from these groups:

1. Bread and grain (wholegrain cereal, toast, muffin, oatmeal)
2. Dairy (low-fat yoghurt or low-fat milk)
3. Fruit and vegetables (banana, apple, oranges)

These will give you the perfect mix for a nutritious start to the day. You’ll feel more energetic, more alert and you’ll be less likely to crave sugary snacks later in the day.

Hope this helps. Get back to me if you’ve got any questions about this or any of my other Tony’s Tips.

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