Why it's good to eat fat

Hi Guys

Bank holiday weekend is here and everyone is looking forward to putting their feet up for a bit, enjoying some good food and forgetting about work for a few days.

And I’ve got some good news for you. This weekend you must eat some fat.

What? Did Tony really just tell me to eat some fat?

Yes. Fat gets a really bad reputation these days but the fact is that we all need some fat in our diets. In fact, it’s recommended that approximately 20% of our daily calorie consumption comes from fat.

Here’s why:

  • Fat is a great source of energy. It is difficult to eat the large amounts of food in a very low fat diet to get all the energy you need.
  • Fat is needed so your body can absorb vital vitamins for all-round health.
  • Fat is a really good source of flavour. It stops food tasting bland and dry.
  • Fat helps you feel fuller for longer. So you won’t be heading for the biscuit cupboard five minutes after your dinner.
  • Fat may help your body produce endorphins (natural substances in the brain that make you feel good).

The problem is these days that too many people are consuming too much fat in their diet. In the UK we’re consuming nearer 40% of our calories from fat – which is why we’ve got a growing obesity problem. And it’s not just because of fast food and takeaways. The array of processed foods and ready-meals on the supermarket shelves are absolutely loaded with saturated fat, which typically ends up on your waistline.

However, there are healthy fats (unsaturated and monounsaturated) which you can incorporate into your diet sensibly.

And here are a few tips on how to get the right sort of fat into your diet:

  • Eat leaner meats – remove the fat and skin
  • Swap full fat products for low-fat options
  • Drink semi-skimmed or skimmed milk instead of full fat.
  • Eat less crisps, chips, ready meals – which are loaded with fat.
  • Eat “low-fat” foods sensibly. Don’t eat twice as much as you normally would, just because it says “low-fat” on the label
  • Eat avocados, olive oil, unsalted nuts, peanut butter, oily fish (sardines, tuna and salmon)

So as you can see, simply cutting out fat altogether is not the answer to weight loss. If you consume too many carbs and too much protein, and don’t do any exercise – you’re just as likely to see your waistline expand.

I know you lot probably get sick of me saying it, but a combination of exercise and a balanced diet is the real key to reducing your body fat and getting in shape.

As ever, give me a shout with any questions. It’s great hearing from you.

Enjoy the bank holiday,

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