Why crash diets don't work

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Can you believe it’s only six weeks until Christmas?

Some of you out there might be planning ahead, thinking that in the run-up to Christmas you’ll go on a diet and lose a few pounds before you get stuck into those Christmas treats. Then come the New Year you’ll be back at your normal weight.

If you are, then stop right now.

It WON’T work.

And here’s why…

How the body responds to crash-dieting

The problem with most crash diets is they make a sudden, drastic reduction in the amount of calories you consume. This deprives your body of what it needs to function; energy. And when your body senses that it is being deprived of food, it goes into the most basic survival mode – it will scrap for every bit of energy it can get its hands on.

The body goes into shutdown mode. It slows down your metabolism so that  you burn calories much, much slower – doing exactly what you DON’T want it to do.

That‘s right, while you’re denying yourself all the things you enjoy in the vain hope of re-discovering your six-pack, your body is clinging onto that body fat with everything it’s got. And your body always wins.

Seven reasons crash diets don’t work

  • You stop burning fat. Starved of much-needed calories, your body slows your    metabolism right down.
  • You lose muscle tissue as your body scrambles to conserve the energy it needs.
  • You give up your favourite foods, making you resentful and de-motivated.
  • You feel constantly tired, sluggish and irritable because you’re not taking on board enough calories
  • They can become an obsession and a distraction as you’re focussing all your attention on meeting your targets
  • They make you feel guilty, so that enjoying food normally is out of the question
  • You put the weight back on straight away when you start eating normally again.

If you really want to lose weight and tone up, then you need to fire up your metabolism and torch off that excess body fat. And the best way to do that is still hard work. There’s nothing like High-intensity training to boost your energy, your enthusiasm and make you feel like you’ve really earned your food.

Feel free to send on to friends, family, colleagues – anyone who wants to get in shape this Christmas.

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