Supersets - the secret to getting more out of your workout

Hi guys

Thanks again to everyone who got in touch with me after last week’s email about common gym mistakes. Seriously, I really appreciate you taking the time to get back to me.

Even if you did recognise yourself in last week’s email – don’t worry about it. This week’s tip will help you make up for it.

In fact, this week’s tip will:

  • Save you time in the gym
  • Help you burn more calories
  • Boost your metabolism (so you burn fat for longer)

How? I’m talking about supersets.

Supersets are a really simple way of making your time in the gym even more productive.

Most people have a pretty standard approach to gym work. They pick a piece of equipment. They complete one set, rest for a minute, then complete another set, rest and so on. So out of 60 minutes on the gym floor, they’re actually only working for half an hour – that’s 50% of the time.

The idea of a superset is that instead of doing all your sets of a particular exercise in one go, you’ll finish one set then quickly do set of another exercise working a different muscle group. Then you take a rest. So out of 60 minutes on the gym floor, you’re working for 40 minutes – that’s a hugely impressive 66% of the time.

For example, do ten reps of a dumbbell bench press then go straight into ten reps of dumbbell squats.  You’ll notice straightaway your heart is pumping faster and your breathing is heavier. It’s a sign that your body is working harder. It’s being challenged in a new way and it’s responding the way it knows best – firing up your metabolism, thus burning more calories and more fat.

Here’s some other superset combinations:

- Press-ups followed by lunges
- Lat pulldowns followed by step-ups

Most of us have to fit a visit to the gym in around our work, home and social life. Doing supersets is a great way to get better results – in less time.

So give it a try and if you’ve got more questions, then just give me a shout. In a few weeks I’ll be posting some videos of superset routines for you to check out.

Take it easy,

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