Don't only take our word for it. Here are a few quotes from other people who say we are great.

"Tony helped me get into proper shape after I found myself stuck in a rut; going to the gym and only seeing average results. He pushed me beyond my pain barrier and made me realise that tough interval training is far more effective than endless hours on the treadmill and hundreds of stomach crunches. He shows no mercy in pushing his clients hard and always makes sure that every minute of every session is used to maximum effect. He is able to motivate and find extra reserves of energy even when you think you are about to collapse into a heap of jelly!!. "


"I had been wanting to improve my health since the beginning of the year after stopping playing football regularly and piling on a few lbs. Being used to team sports, I didn't fancy going to the gym alone each day, doing the same repetitive running machine, rowing etc which I'd done before and found completely de-motivating.

A friend of mine told me about the Absolute PT Bootcamp in the City so I signed up. I am now into my fourth month and really enjoying it. I’ve lost weight, toned up, and generally become a lot fitter. It's also a lot more motivating and fun exercising with a group of people and you seem to push yourself harder than when exercising on your own.

Before I joined the camp I'd heard all these horror stories about army instructors shouting at you and being quite intimidating, however Tony is exactly the opposite. He is professional, energetic, and very encouraging.
He is obviously devoted to the Bootcamp, loves his job and he cares about getting results for every single person who attends, whilst making it a lot of fun in the process.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. Great Bootcamp, great trainer."


"I’m a regular at the Absolute PT Boot Camp. I really enjoy training outside in the fresh air. It makes you feel so alive.

I have been delighted at how friendly everyone is. Even though we’re all at very different fitness levels we all try our hardest. When we do activities in teams you don’t want to let others down and the fun competition is good too – but it’s never too serious. Everyone has an exercise which is their “achilles heel”, but we all encourage each other.

The sessions are very intense. Even though we are in a group there is no-where to hide. You always know the trainer is watching and knows what you’re capable of so you have to push yourself as hard as you can!

Afterwards I feel brilliant. Energised and ready to tackle the day ahead. As much as I don’t like getting up super early in the morning - I wish I could do it every day. I feel super-alert, happy and ready for the day ahead.” 


"I normally do a lot of running, but wanted to try something different. I signed up to the Absolute PT Bootcamp because I love training outside. For me, it’s so much better than fighting for space in a crowded gym.

The sessions are very intense. But being part of a group definitely motivates me and makes me work harder. I push myself so much more than when I’m training alone – and it really pays dividends.

I feel the results afterwards. I feel stronger, lively and more alert throughout the day."


"I’ve been doing the Bootcamp for a few months now and, to be honest, I much prefer it to being in the gym. It gives you more energy and time seems to go by so much faster.

Being part of a group not only gives you a sense of belonging but also motivates you and pushes you as there is a sense of competition. The sessions are pretty intense but every level of fitness is catered for and you never feel like you can’t keep up.

The nice thing is that everybody is in the same boat. Suffering together makes things easier!

Afterwards there’s a real feeling of achievement and you’re ready for the rest of your day. Working out makes me happy and makes me want to live a healthier life."


"I have been a regular visitor to various gyms over a number of years. My standard exercise was a 10k run on the jogging machine, but in the last couple of years I started to develop a beer gut despite the regular training. My body had simply got used to the predictable training regime. With my daughter's wedding coming up, I went to Tony to see if he could get me in shape for the big day.

Tony pushed me further than I thought possible with a workout routine that changed at every visit. It was amazing to see what could be achieved in a weekly one-hour session. I achieved my target of getting into shape for the wedding and have now abandoned my old workout habits.

If you want an easy, gentle workout, go to a water aerobics class. If you want to get real results, go and see Tony."


"Absolute PT Bootcamp is an excellent way to kick-start your day. After a 45-minute intense workout you leave feeling energised and ready for anything! The Bootcamp is structured so that people of any fitness can come along and join in, working everyone to their maximum capability. It’s a great way to get results fast.

As much as I don't always look forward to Tony's Bootcamp, I always enjoy them and feel like I have had the best workout. It definitely pushes the boundaries and I feel myself working much harder that I would in the gym.

I would definitely recommend Bootcamp, and have done so already to many friends and colleagues!."


"I would seriously advise everybody to come to the Bootcamps to release stress and have an excellent training session. There’s a nice, friendly atmosphere. The coach is always motivating and encouraging and you do loads of original exercises which are excellent for cardio and muscular training. It’s a perfect way to start the day. I really feel the difference all day long afterwards: my mind is relaxed, my metabolism is boosted and I can feel myself burning calories…."


"Being part of a Bootcamp motivates you a lot more than training on your own. It varies your type of exercise which keeps it more fun and interesting.

The sessions are just right in terms of their intensity. You can always go to your own pace / strength if it gets too difficult but overall the trainer helps you push yourself to get the most out of it. After my eight weeks of Bootcamps I could really notice the difference. I felt fitter and a lot more toned, which is exactly what I wanted.

I also found that it kept me more awake throughout the day. I was far less tired than I normally am, especially in the late afternoon. The next day was always painful – but that’s because I knew I’d really pushed myself."


"Doing traditional gym routines can get boring after a while and your body gets used to it. My trainer Taykin (T) suggested I try something different. I hadn't considered boxing, as I thought it was a masculine sport. However, I was definitely wrong.

Training seasons are hard work but fun. There are never two sessions the same. It’s a full-body work out with circuit training and other exercises thrown in the mix. When combined with kicks, it really enhances your strength and stamina.

I would definitely recommend people to try it. You really challenge yourself and realise what you can achieve when you push yourself."