Meet the trainers

My name is Tony Stacey. Twenty years ago I was a promising footballer with Tottenham Hotspur. I was living every kid’s dream, training with Gary Lineker and Paul Gascoigne, until a succession of injuries meant that I gave up football before I ever knew if I was good enough. I turned to a new career: health and fitness.

And I’ve never regretted it.

For twelve years I’ve been training people all over London. And I can honestly say that it’s been an absolute privilege. I’ve met people of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life. I’m still training some of the people I met on my first day as a personal trainer. I’ve been to their engagements, their weddings, their children’s christenings; it’s been an amazing experience. It’s given me the opportunity to meet so many people and help them enjoy living an active, healthy lifestyle.

A few years ago, I grew tired of the culture of big-name gyms. They were so soulless. As a trainer you were under constant pressure to get more clients and sell more products. They were only interested in getting customers to sign up for direct debits. If those same customers subsequently hated going to the gym, weren’t achieving anything but felt too guilty to cancel their membership, then nobody cared.

It wasn’t what I signed up for.

I wanted to train people my way. And I only wanted to work with trainers who shared my beliefs about helping people enjoy exercise. I formed Absolute PT. In recent years I’ve assembled some of the best professionals in the fitness industry. They’re not just great at their job, but like me, they love what they’re doing.

We believe that every person is different. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to training. We listen to each individual, understand what they want to achieve and help them do just that.

Exercise should never be boring. It should never be a chore. We believe that with the right help and advice, people can achieve whatever they want. So whether you want to change the way you look, learn a martial art or get ready for a marathon – you’ve come to the right place.

Thanks for looking us up,

Tony Stacey
Founder, AbsolutePT