Get in shape: Kettlebell training

Kettlebells give you the ultimate cardio, strength and core workout to burn fat and sculpt a leaner body.

Kettlebell training

Originally the training method of choice for the Russian Army, kettlebells’ unique design has made them the ultimate fitness tool for busy people in 2011.

Why is kettlebell training so effective?

  • You can combine cardio and strength training
  • Your entire body gets a workout
  • You burn more calories in less time
  • You build strong abdominals – without doing any sit-ups

Kettlebell training for women

You’ll sculpt a slim, toned physique rather than bulging muscles. Short, intense workouts give you toned arms, firm abs and slim legs so you’ll feel more confident in a bikini or a new pair of jeans.

That’s why they’re the training method of choice for film stars like Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry and Jennifer Aniston.

Kettlebell training for men

Kettlebells build all-over body strength and torch away excess fat. Fast, explosive movements guarantee rapid changes in your physique and fitness. They’ve been used by stars such as Matthew McConaughey and Robert Downey Jnr.

The Russians trained their men this way for a reason – to make them leaner and meaner than their opponents.

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